VIDEO // Check out a SUPER BUNJIBALL LAUNCH with Champ "The Legend"


How Bunjiball Started

Bunjiball is it's own launching device and only requires one thing! No need to pick up a slobbery tennis ball. Just grab the grip and let it rip...Everyone goes home happy!

Bunjiball is a dog throw toy that combines a shock cord and a tennis ball with a patented anchoring system that launches the ball amazing distances. It uses the elasticity of the shock cord and an ergonomic plastic grip so it only requires a simple flick of the wrist to launch the ball as little as 10 feet or as far as 250 effortlessly with no strain on the arm! The underhand throwing motion is similar to throwing a softball and way less invasive than the overhand throwing motion. The grip is made of a soft plastic and cuts down on friction on the fingers.

The Bunjiball is thrown just like a softball pitcher by rotating clockwise 360 degrees and is released just out in front of the throwing side hip and the result is a catapulting action from the cord recoiling and a whipping motion that once released, the bunjiball sails through the air with ease and bounces or floats just like a regular tennis ball. The major difference is that there is no need to strain to throw it overhand or use a cumbersome launching device.

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Susan jinks

I have a Golden “grand-dog” named Wheeler and I’m so excited to be sending this as a late birthday surprise to his “Dad”. Will post results.

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