I am a serial inventor of practical solutions and Bunjiball is my 4th such patent. I played professional baseball in the St Louis Cardinals organization as a pitcher during the late 80s, and then later in life became a triathlete competing in 7 ironman Hawaii World Championships.

Sports have been a big part of my life as competitor and coach. Over the last two years my yellow lab Champ and other dog Sandy have tested tried numerous throw toys at the beach and various dog parks, but the balls never seemed to last, or had to many accessories to carry with you. Also, the baseball background and coach in me knows how repetitive nature of the overhand throwing motion can put undue strain on the elbow and shoulder, but because Bunjiball only requires an underhand flick of the wrist it puts no strain on the arm. I decided to invent Bunjiball to be able to provide a fun dog throw toy for people and dogs that is safe, durable and affordable.