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BUNJIBALL is a throw and fetch toy for dogs that uses a patented shock-cord system to LAUNCH the ball with a flick of the wrist.

  • Throw it FARTHER and HIGHER than ever before! Trust us - your dog wants you to get them a Bunjiball
  • Proprietary internal anchoring system makes the throw toy virtually indestructible
  • Bunjiball is it’s own launching device. No need for any other accessories
  • The ergonomic grip makes the ball easy and fun to throw with no strain on the arm
  • The user no longer has to handle wet, dirty tennis balls This throw toy is perfect for anyone that wants to effortlessly throw the ball farther to increase their pup’s activity
  • User controls how far Bunjiball goes. It can be launched up to 200 feet or as little as 10 feet making it perfect for The beach or the backyard

12.5" launch cord
Made from Thermoplastic rubber ball, nylon covered elastic cord
Throwing distance of 200-250 feet or more